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Light Reflector

This is a Photoflex 32" (81.3cm), 5 Surfaces MultiDisc collapsible reflector. Photoflex LiteDiscs and MultiDiscs are designed for use in the studio, or on location. They add light to shadow areas, add or subtract color casts, or diffuse harsh light.

6.00 7.50
Lowel L-light

With its high intensity #2 Reflector & Prismatic Glass, the tiny focusable Lowel ViP Pro-Light is more efficient than a mini-Fresnel of equal wattage, yet it gives an exquisite even light, with Fresnel-like shadow quality. It can be used as a low-level key or accent light, fill light (with diffusion), or backlight.

15.00 20.00
Lowel Tota

Compact, rugged & versatile, the broad throw Tota-light is a Lowel time honored favorite. It can be used with its umbrella or gel-frame & diffusion as a soft key, fill, or backlight. With its adjustable reflectors, it can be a smooth & even background light, or point it toward the ceiling to raise the ambient (base) light level of a room.

Includes: Light, Stand, Power Cable
Optional - Umbrella, Frame, Gels

User Manual

6.00 7.50
Pro Light Kit

Lights included: Softbox light, omni, tota, (2) L lights

Also includes: Stands, umbrellas, reflector, colored gels, power cables, and rolling case

24.00 35.00