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Audio Mixer

CMAP offers a variety of audio mixers to fit your needs.
The Mackie 1202 VLZ-PRO Audio mixer is widely considered the industry standard for portable audio mixers. It offers 8 inputs (4 XLR and 4 1/4" inputs) in a compact, lightweight design. User Manual
The Alesis Multimixer 8 USB Audio mixer has a heavy-duty, rugged design. It USB allows it to communicate with your computer. User Manual
The Kawai 16 Channel Mixer offers 16 1/4" inputs for your bigger events. User Manual

Includes: Audio mixer, AC power cable

15.00 20.00
Condenser Mic

The AKG C3000B Condenser Mic is designed for capturing general instruments and vocals with a sound quality that rivals higher priced microphones. The capsule houses a large cardioid diaphragm that features a focused pick up pattern. The cardioid pattern minimizes off-axis audio residual noise and feed-back. The wide frequency response features a rise in the upper register resulting in added presence and intelligibility.


Includes: Microphone, shock mount, case

15.00 20.00
Handheld Microphone

The Shure SM-58 is tuned to accentuate the warmth and clarity of lead and back-up vocals, the SM58 is a legendary live vocal microphone known for its rugged reliability on tour. This is the industry standard of microphones.

Includes: Mic, carry case

15.00 20.00

Sony MDR-7506 Headphones are a popular choices for professional studio monitoring and focused listening.
Free rental of these headphones comes with the rental of any audio recording device.

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Lavalier Microphone

The Sony ECM-44B Lavalier Microphone makes the exceptional quality of Sony's electret condenser microphones available for budget conscious productions, and a variety of sound reinforcement requirements, such as lectures and demonstrations.

15.00 20.00
PA Speaker

The 150W Harbinger APS12 is a 12", 2-way, powered PA speaker system with full-range response that makes it ideal for vocals and acoustic performances. The Harbinger APS12 is equipped with a 12" woofer with a 1-3/8" compression driver, 3-channel mic/line mixer, 2 mic/line input channels with individual balanced and unbalanced connections, 1 dual RCA/single XLR line input for playback devices, and much more.
Includes: Speaker, Stand

15.00 20.00
Shotgun Microphone

The ME66/K6 - Super-Cardioid Mic Capsule with K6 Kit is a popular choice among video, film and ENG / EFP professionals. The capsule features a highly directional, cardioid polar pattern yielding great attenuation at the sides of the microphone, maximizing pickup at the front. The result is a focused pickup in highly ambient environments. A wide 40-20,000Hz frequency response provides detailed, accurate signal reproduction. The ME66 capsule takes advantage of the K6 modular power supply. The K6 houses a standard AA alkaline battery and is also capable of accepting phantom power from outside sources. Its compact design allows mounting to video cameras. The ME66 is at home in event videography, ENG / EFP use, video depositions, corporate media applications and film.

15.00 20.00
Tascam Digital Audio Recorder

The DR-40 gives you flexible stereo recording options, so you can capture live performances, make great-sounding demos, and more. Adjustable onboard microphones let you optimize the DR-40 for any environment, and a pair of locking Neutrik XLR Combo jacks let plug your own mics or instruments for full 4-track recording. What's more, the DR-40 features great practice and recording tools, including variable speed playback, an onboard tuner, and overdub recording mode. And all you need is three AA batteries for up to 15 hours of recording with your TASCAM DR-40.

15.00 20.00
Wireless Mic Kit

Simply the best, most affordable way to get professional caliber UHF wireless. The amazing 100 Series is perfect for any musical style, and offers four switchable presets (reprogrammable to any of the 1440 available frequencies), a true diversity receiver for stable, high-quality transmission, and unlike other wireless systems at this price high-quality metal construction that will stand up to the rigors of life on the road. The system features variable-level 1/4 unbalanced TS and XLR balanced connectors.
Kit Includes: Receiver, Transmitter pack, Handheld Transmitter, lav mic, 1/8" audio splitter
User Manual

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